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A group of buildings in the Anarchia Empire.

Started Autumn, 2011
Restarted Summer, 2013
Ended: September, 2014
Overworld (No official name)
Server Type Survival

The Survival Era (sometimes called the Anarchia Era) was the third and most recent major era that the server finished. Beginning in late 2011, the survival map was used up to early 2012 until major vandalism and trolling forced it to shut down entirely. In summer of 2013, the server was restarted and rejoined by a few original and several new players.

Compared to Cobalt and Prosperity, the new server enjoyed unique survival gameplay that has been used since. Players had to learn to fend for themselves, help their friends and build communities around common interests. Despite the intended limitations of survival mode, the server quickly grew and housed enormous empires, nations several times larger than the ones seen on the previous creative server (with some exceptions).

The WorldEdit

The survival world was unique compared to the others in that it had numerous, enormous ocean biomes covering its surface. Land was spread far out, and traveling from one major settlement to the next could sometimes take several in-game days. This, combined with the hard difficulty setting and common mob spawning, made living on the world a challenge. Despite this, there were several major factions that grew to become some of the strongest nations in existence in the server's history. This may be attributed to the players learning how to cope with survival, or the server map's prolonged existence.

Factions and GroupsEdit

The Factions system was kept over from Cobalt, though several new identities were born in the process. Major factions and nations include...