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Modern superfields in the New Prosperity Empire.

Gadget Type: High-efficiency farm field
Produced: 2011 to Present
Users: All current major factions

A superfield is a large, enclosed water-trough farm field used by all current major factions of the survival server. Designed by Joseplh to maximum farm output during the expansion of the Anarchia Empire, the fields were a relatively simple solution to the empire's food problem. Even today, with modern updates making the fields relatively unnecessary, many continue to be used across factions like the New Prosperity Empire and Sand Isle Empire.


Superfields consist of a raised dirt trough filled with water to constantly irrigate the plants growing in them. A cobblestone or smooth stone hatch is placed over the water to prevent food from falling into the water. Because the fields are raised, players can harvest crops at waist height without climbing on the irrigated soil. The purpose for the raising was because of Minecraft's original soil properties: If farmland was stepped on, it turned back into regular dirt. The raising of the fields meant that they could be harvested and replanted indefinitely, and would thus not wear down valuable tools. Nowadays, with the vast riches held by most factions on the server, the fields are largely considered irrelevant due to ease of tool production.


Superfields are mostly used for the mass-production of food and crops, be they potatoes, wheat or carrots. Some versions have also be used to produce sugarcane (though it should be noted that the field is not tilled first). Because of their simple construction and ease of maintenance, superfields can be made incredibly large (see the picture above), giving incredible amounts of crops to the players that use them. The fields in New Prosperity City and Coda are excellent examples of this, each producing more than enough food for the multiple residents of the New Prosperity Empire.


  • Kesslers' Legion, the Sand Isle Empire, the New Prosperity Empire and Fallen Legion all use some version of the superfield in one way or another. This makes it the most-used gadget on the server.
  • The fields found around the survival server range in size, with some only being about the size of private gardens, while others (like the ones seen above) are the size of entire fields.
  • Joseplh attempted to increase the output of the fields and variants of it by automating the fields with redstone circuits. Unfortunately, the fields were so inefficient, the older models were favored over the "advanced" ones.