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The settlement stone in Greywater, as viewed at night.

Faction Association: New Prosperity Empire
Number Built: 3
Location: Random Townships

Settlement stones act as location indicators for towns in the New Prosperity Empire. Originally set up in New Prosperity City, the stones became a standard for all towns in the New Prosperity Empire, though not necessarily all provinces.


With New Prosperity City growing at an unprecedented rate, real estate in the city became an increasingly rare commodity. Soon, any patch of land within the walls of the city deemed useful had a building or industry set up on it. However, one of the NPC houses in the center of the city took up too much space, leaving a large area exposed around the middle of town. Part of this space was filled in with a public well, but the other was left empty. GeneralCuster14 decided that it should hold a memorial of some kind, so he constructed a simple stone with a plaza surrounding it. Unable to think of a dedication, the stone was dubbed the "New Prosperity Settlement Stone," to indicate the town where it was set.

As the Empire continued to expand, new towns were necessary to give the players in different regions access to resources. Coda was the second major city established by the Empire, earning a settlement stone not too long after its founding. The stone is located down the road from the Coda Stone Factory.

As of recent times with more effort being put forth to create smaller towns and settlements, any major town set up by the New Prosperity Empire is given a settlement sotne. The stones vary in lighting and placement, but all share the same construction style and material used (cobblestone).

Current StonesEdit

Currently, there are three settlement stones scattered across the Empire: one in New Prosperity City, one in Coda, and the last in the newly-established town of Greywater. Each is brightly lit to attract the attention of players, being used as a sort of beacon to indicate where the players are. Signs are placed on the stones to indicate the town or city where the player is currently stationed.


  • While unofficial, settlement stones are a tradition held only by the New Prosperity Empire.
  • Though every major town has a stone, not all provinces do. The only exceptions are the Western Desert Province and Border Isle, which have similar shaped stone indicators on them, but with flagpoles attached.
  • The stones are similar to the Reverse Triton memorials, which were commonly found on the original creative servers. These memorials were used by the New Island Republic Providence, Chewydyne and Kesslers' Legion in memory of certain events.