Prosperity 6-29-2011

Prosperity City, as viewed from atop another sky scraper looking west.

Started: Winter 2010
Ended: Summer 2011
Overworld: WorldBETA (No name given)
Server Type Creative Survival

The Prosperity Era was the first major era that the server used. Starting in winter of 2010, it was ChewyBuild's first dedicated Minecraft world, with creative mods installed using the Bukkitt plugin. In the Creative Survival game mode, players were forced to run around on foot, as no dedicated creative mode was available at the time. Flying was banned outright (other players attempted to use mods to fly), and all players navigated from the ground up. People were allowed to spawn as many resources as they wished (see picture), but TNT was banned after the server's first conflict. The Prosperity Era is regarded by many to be one of the server's best, as players enjoyed the discoveries and construction challenges presented by the game mode. Today, veterans often refer to Minecraft's vanilla creative mode as a cheap, easy-to-use type of creative.

The WorldEdit

Set on the computer's default WorldBETA, Prosperity technically had no name, though the era and overworld were named after the bustling metropolis that dominated the server's overworld. Prosperity City was often seen as a great prize by the many players that inhabited the world, and was fought over through civil disputes regularly. Factions were a new idea, and were only employed in the server's later days. After a relatively short play time (of only about seven months or so), Minecraft updated to Beta, creating massive chunk errors that eventually forced the players to migrate to safer ground. Despite all that the players had built, they agreed by vote that it was time to move away from Prosperity and to start a new world to build on. This resulted in the start of the Cobalt Era, and the end of the first Chunk War.


Factions were a relatively new and undefined concept in Prosperity, though a few existed by nature of the players. These included...