Factions are a major part of the server. They are mostly formed as players or groups of players bond together to share similar work and projects, resulting in major communities that are built up around them. Throughout the history of the server, there have been numerous factions, with many turned into small "nations." This is a basic guide to the types of factions and how they work.


While there is, of course, no set-in-stone classification for factions, there have been labels applied to certain factions and groups that would sort them into particular classes. The classifications for each faction are as follows.

Superpowers: Superpowers, like their real world counterparts, are groups or factions that have considerable influential leverage to other groups around the server. Factions often rise to this status by showing how successful their community is, thus creating change in other groups, in particular, lesser groups that are starting out. Unofficially, there have been numerous superpower nations, including the Cacti Dunes Republic, Kesslers' Legion, the Anarchia Islands (Pre-2013 Reset) and the New Prosperity Empire.

Major Faction: Major Factions are groups that, while certainly powerful and ever-present on the server, don't have much influence on other groups. These nations are usually considered "permanent" nations, or groups that are least likely to leave the server. Factions with this label include the New Island Republic Providence, Oxymoronic Anarchists' Republic (OAR), Chewydyne, Sand Isle Empire and more.

Lesser Faction: Lesser Factions are small groups that don't have a very large population and don't spread out very far. They usually keep to themselves in more remote regions of the server, not wanting to be part of any trouble. During times of extreme crisis (i.e. The Cold War) they sometimes work with larger groups to avoid becoming "cannon fodder" if a war were to break out. Nations under this list are extremely numerous.

Minor Faction: Minor Factions are groups that don't last very long on the server. This is usually because of strife between players, disagreement with server admins or trolling. While Minor Factions are usually nomadic players that are later banned, they will sometimes rise among the ranks and become considerable world powers before being removed entirely. Minor Factions include the Hoods and Mr Blue Sky.

Nomads: Nomadic players are just that: they are single players that go off on their own to build projects or to explore the overworld. Because of this, they are not truly considered part of any faction, and are usually welcomed in a mix of different nations.

  • Please note that this list is a very broad classification and that some players may fall into a variety of these categories!