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The town of Coda, with the banner of the New Prosperity Empire visible.

Established: Autumn, 2013
Location: Coda Province, New Prosperity Empire
Local Classification: Large Town

Coda is a large town in the far east of the New Prosperity Empire, making up the nation's eastern-most border. While no players have set up permanent residence in the area, there are vacation homes used by both GeneralCuster14 and Tlo1995. Coda has a bustling economy, with some of the most expansive (and dangerous) mines in the Empire, as well as some of the most productive farms. With its connection to the western half of the Empire by highway and its relatively close distance to the newest settlement of Aurora, the town acts as a convenient stop for busy players as they navigate the Empire.


Coda was established as a pioneer town to investigate several caves found in the area. The entire town was built from scratch, with a dedicated road network and dockyard. Located just across what is known as "the Great Sea," Coda is conveniently close to New Prosperity, with the latter being reachable in less than an in-game day via boat.

At first, the mines under Coda yielded little if any ore, with further exploration and deeper mining needed for more output. Despite the initial setbacks, GeneralCuster14 and Tlo1995 both put the effort into the city to turn it into its current form. As the town grew, more exploration of the mines started, feeding Coda's rather small mining industry. Eventually, a stone factory was set up at the far end of the town, causing a massive construction boom. Within a few months time, Coda became the second largest settlement in the entire Empire, acting as a secondary city to New Prosperity.


Coda has many industrial centers, each helping to produce valuable goods for the Empire's economy. These centers include the local farmstead, a textile shop, the Freefall Mining Operation (named after the large, free-fall pits that make up the cave's interior) and the Coda Stone Factory. The Stone Factory, in particular, is the largest building in the town, producing vast amounts of smooth and cobblestone to help consruct the city around it. Once the city had been built up, stone was used to help construct the Houses of Parliament in New Prosperity City, as well as the ICH-2 highway that links Greywater to the eastern half of the Empire.


  • Coda's namesake is from a Musical Coda, a part of a song that brings the piece to a conclusion through extension.
  • Like New Prosperity City, Coda and its surrounding province share the same name.
  • While Coda lacks the number of buildings of New Prosperity City, it is considerably more spread out than the capital. As a result, its buildings and roads are almost equal to the capital in size.
  • Coda's farmstead is considerably larger than that of New Prosperity's, and is expected to surpass the output of the latter in the near future.