Oracle City 3-2011

Oracle City, the capital of the New Island Republic Providence.

Started: Summer 2011
Ended: Summer 2013
Overworld: "Cobalt" (Era Named after World)
Server Type: Creative

The Cobalt Era was the second major era that the server entered during 2011. After the collapse of Prosperity City and its division into major factions, the new server saw a new gameplay style, with each major player founding their own small "nations" and territories. As a result, wars were less common, though there were some dramatic times of intense stress. After the Survival Era started, Cobalt fell victim to chunk errors and problems and was shut off completely. Today, the game files only stay as a lasting reminder to the major players that enjoyed the world during its prime.

The WorldEdit

Cobalt got its name for the large number of oceans that surrounded the central spawn (though it was later discovered that the world had more land than sea). Though it was supposed to be a temporary world to evade the chunk errors that plagued Minecraft after it transferred to Beta, Cobalt became the permanent residence of the server's major players. During the first weeks of players adventuring on the world, TJ764 stated "It feels more like home anyway."


Cobalt was well known for its divided nation states, each set up by the players that had once inhabited Prosperity City on the previous server. The factions include, but are not limited to: