2014-03-26 20.14.41

Bubba on New Prosperity's western road at sunset.

Mob: Iron Golem
Location: New Prosperity City, New Prosperity Empire
Role: New Prosperity City Residential Guardian

Bubba is an iron golem located in New Prosperity City of the New Prosperity Empire. Having spawned after the NPC (Non-Player Character) villager population boom, Bubba has served as the residential guardian of New Prosperity City, attacking anyone that harms city residents. Though it has only happened rarely, the golem has been forced to attack and remove players from the city on occassion. Relatively non-violent by nature, Bubba patrols the western areas of the city where NPC villagers are found most frequently.


During winter of 2013, New Prosperity City saw a massive population boom brought on by the newly residing player residents, GeneralCuster14 and Tlo1995. After several new villagers had spawned, Bubba also spawned to protect them from harm, patrolling wherever the villagers explored. He can often be seen in other screenshots, keeping an eye on the village populace as they go about their business.


Bubba has proved to be a dangerous foe several times, attacking and harming other players that have attacked the villager residents of New Prosperity City. However, he has only once killed an online player after they attacked village residents. Ordinarily, he can be seen lumbering about the city, only stopping to stare at the occasional passing villager or player. He has also never been harmed in combat.
2014-03-07 23.22.48

Bubba offering a flower to an off-screen villager.


  • Bubba earned his name from redneck stereotypes of large, overweight farmers being named "Bubba" in movies. The golem's large stature is testament to his name.
  • GeneralCuster14 originally wanted to name him "Unit 1," with other subsequent golems earning unit numbers as the population increased. This was later denied, as Bubba has remained New Prosperity City's sole guardian golem for the entire duration of the Empire.
  • Like other iron golems in Minecraft, he can occasionally be seen offering tulips to passing villagers (see screenshot above).