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The flag and marker on Border Isle


Fall, 2013

Location: Border Isle Province, New Prosperity Empire
Local Classification: Islet

Border Isle is a small, unpopulated islet south of the New Prosperity Desert. It acts as a "divider" between the eastern and western halves of the New Prosperity Empire. Discovered by GeneralCuster14, the islet has remained a convenient stop for shipwrecked travelers going to and coming from the nearby Northrop Isles.


Border Isle was discovered by GeneralCuster14 at the start of the Northrop Island Chain Mining Operation. The tiny islet is only nine meters across at its widest point, with a nearby section of grass sticking out of the water. GeneralCuster14 discovered a mineshaft coming out of the Northrop Mines that led to the surface under the ocean. Border Isle was nearby, and provided the confused player with a brief resting place before the eventual swim back to more familiar ground in the nearby New Prosperity Desert.

Several times, hasty travelers have shipwrecked on the islet and have been forced to spend time there on their way to the Northrop Isles. At one point, residents of the New Prosperity Empire considered demolishing the island entirely, but the eventual decrease of boat traffic in the local area provided the island a reprieve.

As of recent times with territory south and east of the New Prosperity Empire being conquered by new players, Border Isle had a flag and marker added to it to signal the New Prosperity Empire's borders. This was done after a boating collision between travelling players and residents of the Empire, resulting in the Empire's residents (once again) staying on the island for a brief period of time.


  • Border Isle is the smallest individual piece of land in the New Prosperity Empire, and the smallest piece of land to have an entire province named after it.
  • It is the first island to be discovered by GeneralCuster14 that did not receive the name of an aircraft company after its annexation.
  • The sign next to the marker stone reads "Welcome to Border Isle!" while the signs on the stone read "NOW ENTERING/LEAVING THE NEW PROSPERITY EMPIRE." respective to the direction the player is travelling from.
  • There have been some considerations to turn the islet into a prison island, to dig a shaft straight down to the Northrop Mines or to demolish the island altogether. The flag marker was the final and most recent decision.